Former Tv Wonder Woman Lynda Carter felt a little uncomfortable kissing Ashton Kutcher during a guest appearance on his hit sitcom Two And A Half Men, because the actor reminded her of her son.

The actress, 62, played "a version of herself" on the 11th season of the comedy series, and her character was required to lock lips with the 36-year-old hunk as part of the storyline.

But Carter admits sharing a smooch with Kutcher felt strange as he bears a striking similarity to her son, James.

She tells Closer magazine, "Ashton is the size and almost the same age as my son... He's also very boyish-looking.

"I told him, 'I just want to giggle every time I have to kiss you!'"

The episode aired in the U.S. in November (13) and Carter reveals her daughter Jessica was not a fan: "They saw (the kiss). My daughter said I ruined Ashton Kutcher for her forever!"