Ashton Kutcher is taking notes every time he appears on hit comedy show Saturday Night Live because he's planning to create a rival programme.

The actor, who has hosted the show twice in as many years, is developing another late-night weekend comedy show for the ABC network in America.

And that's not all the busy boyfriend of Demi Moore has planned for 2005 - he's also aiming to pit nerds against beauties in a new reality TV show.

Kutcher explains, "It is this social experiment where we took seven guys who are literal geniuses, but who are inept socially, and put them with seven smoking girls that are ridiculously hot but couldn't spell the word 'cat'.

"So we put them together, and these beautiful girls teach the guys how to be more comfortable in a social environment, and the guys teach the girls a little bit about carrying on an intellectual conversation."

22/03/2005 02:49