Ashton Kutcher's hit prank show PUNK'D is beginning to turn nasty with Missy Elliott and Tommy Lee refusing to see the funny side of their humiliation.

Kutcher was seen rushing to prevent violence from erupting in a jewellery store when a practical joke on rap star Elliott turned sour in last night's (26OCT03) second season premiere.

Elliott threatened to smash glass casing in the store when she was told a diamond-encrusted cross she was having cleaned had been misplaced.

And fans of the show will see an annoyed TOMMY LEE attacking Kutcher's Punk'd camera crew after he discovers he's the victim of a practical joke on next week's (begs03NOV03) MTV show.

One prank on Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro from the first season of the show still hasn't been aired because it turned nasty.

27/10/2003 21:17