Ashton Kutcher credits his friendship with SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS for his decision to star in the remake of 1960s classic Guess Who'S COMING TO DINNER.

In GUESS WHO? Kutcher plays a white male dating an African-American female who takes him home to meet her family.

The film is a comedy, but Kutcher, 26, admits he wanted to appear in the movie because it had something to say about the racial gap which still exists in America.

One factor which reflects that is the way many have questioned his friendship with rap mogul Combs. But his romance with 42-year-old Moore also came into play while making the movie.

He says, "It wasn't an influence in making the movie, but I definitely drew from that as well, in that anything that doesn't seem normal or hasn't been done before in the public eye suddenly seems not right. But it's all about blazing new trails."

24/01/2005 02:55