LATEST: Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher insists he didn't mean to infer that the scandal-prone Bush twins were smoking marijuana during his tales of party hi-jinks.

The PUNK'D prankster revealed he once partied with First Daughters JENNA and BARBARA when they were underage, and found them in a bedroom with a friend of his and a smoking pipe.

But 25-year-old Kutcher - currently romancing Demi Moore, 40 - is at pains to point out that he didn't see the girls inhale.

He says, "I didn't say the Bush girls were smoking weed! The girls were in a room where it was being smoked.

"I didn't want to rat them out, the girls were nice. What nobody knows is that when somebody laid into the President, they said, 'You may not agree with his politics but he's still our dad.' Which I thought was noble of them."

06/06/2003 17:07