Actor Ashton Kutcher is considering auctioning off his prized big-wheel truck for charity because it was a dream vehicle that has become a nightmare.

The BUTTERFLY EFFECT made headlines last year (04) when he was photographed driving around Hollywood in the gas guzzler, but he admits the pickup was a bad buy.

He says, "It's a weird boy's dream. Growing up in Iowa, all these kids in my school who had money would go out and buy these Toyota pickup trucks and put these huge wheels on them, and I would go, 'Oh man, I've got to have one of those.'

"So when I saw this truck in the newspaper, I knew I had to have it... Then I got it, and I was like, `Son of a bitch, I should have looked at it first.' I didn't realise it was that big."

23/03/2005 09:11