Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher got the chance to live out his dream this morning (15MAR05), when he performed a dance move from Patrick Swayze's classic movie Dirty Dancing on TV.

Kutcher, who admits the 1987 film is one of his all-time favourites, was able to share some dance steps with comedian Bernie Mac in their upcoming movie Guess Who.

And during an appearance on LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY, Kutcher admitted to fantasising about recreating the moment where Swayze lifted Jennifer Grey over his head as they danced - and ended up realising his desires when co-host KELLY RIPA offered to be his partner.

Kutcher says, "I loved Dirty Dancing when I was growing up. So since I've seen that movie I've been practising the lift with anyone that I can at any opportunity that I have."

15/03/2005 21:22