Ashton Kutcher has followed through on this promise to re-enact Michael Jackson's infamous baby-dangling horror - but went one step further, by throwing a baby doll from a hotel window.
Earlier this week (begs09Feb09), the Punk'd star pledged to recreate the famous stunt, after he found out he was staying in the same room of the Hotel Adlon, Berlin where Jackson dangled baby Prince Michael II above the heads of shocked onlookers in 2002.
Kutcher has posted video clips of himself preparing the 'baby' - a doll he has named Gwendolyn - for the re-enactment on website Qik.
The actor is seen covering the doll's face with a mask - as the King Of Pop did with his son - before tying a string around the toy, to act as a harness.
Kutcher is then shown giving a commentary from the ground, while a figure - meant to depict Michael Jackson - comes to the window and the doll is thrown out.
The 31-year-old says, "Moving into position. The baby is in place. Michael should be appearing any time now... Here is is. There's Michael. Michael's holding the baby. The baby has been thrown. It happened and you saw it here live.'