Ashton Kutcher insists his days as a Hollywood party boy are long gone and describes his wild phase as "retarded". The PUNK'D star ended his partying ways soon after hooking up with his wife, INDECENT PROPOSAL actress Demi Moore. Kutcher tells Details magazine that his door bell would ring in the middle of the night with legions of admirers looking for a good time - until Moore put a stop to it. He says Moore would answer the door and scream at them, "There's no f**king party here!" Kutcher says about his partying days, "It's like this. You're in a club. You've got a bottle of vodka. You're standing on the couches. You've got your right hand man PUFFY standing there. You've got DANNY (MASTERSON) and WILMER (VALDERRAMA) and all of our guys hanging out, and the f**cking girls are fighting to see who's going to go behind the gouging other bitches out of the way. "And then you go, 'All right, we're going back to blah blah blah,' and then you're moving as a mass through the club, and you pick up about 15 or 20 more along the way. "Now you've gotten into a car with, like, four select girls and you're at the new space, and you just start certain things up. It was so ego-fulfilling. It was retarded."