Hollywood hunk Ashton Kutcher faces stiff competition when his new movie The Butterfly Effect opens on Friday (23JAN04) - from his THAT '70S SHOW co-star Topher Grace.

In the film, Kutcher, boyfriend of Demi Moore, takes on a more serious role than in the past when he plays a man who learns to travel back in time and occupy his childhood body to overcome past traumas - with disastrous results.

The dark film will go up against Grace's romantic comedy WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON!, which also stars Kate Bosworth.

In the past, the possibility of such conflicts was avoided by shifting release dates around. Most recently, LEONARDO DiCAPRIO was spared the opportunity of competing against himself in 2002 when Gangs of New York's release date was shifted to open almost a week earlier than Catch Me If You Can's Christmas Day debut.

19/01/2004 21:05