Celebrity prank king Ashton Kutcher had ambitious plans to ruin American Idol host Ryan Seacrest's day for his TV show PUNK'D but his filming schedule got in the way. Kutcher came clean to Seacrest when the TV and radio presenter taped an interview with the actor for tonight's (28SEP06) Larry King LIVE. Just before cameras started rolling on the chat, Kutcher revealed he had devised an elaborate practical joke to make Seacrest think his new dream home was on an earthquake fault line. The actor told Seacrest, "I was gonna pull something on you... There was a small window when it (house) was in escrow... I wanted to get into your property and establish a fault line underneath your house and sink about half of it, sink the front of the house into the fault line. "We were shooting, so I couldn't do it at the time. You got really lucky because it would have been brutal."