Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher has heralded Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty and Marlon Brando as the greatest womanisers of all time.

THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT star, 26, who is dating 41-year-old actress DEMI MOORE, warns aspiring actors hoping to garner the same reputations as the legendary actors not to bother trying, because they'll never be able to outdo the original lotharios.

He says, "Those guys are untouchable in a way that if you aspire to be like them, you will fail.

"Most guys, if you do those things - play the games the way they play the games - yeah, you're a dirty dog, but those guys are impervious to it, that's amazing.

"I've never met Nicholson, I've met Warren Beatty, he's like, cool.

"In shampoo, OK. Hold on - you're a hairdresser - most guys are gonna go phfft! But it doesn't matter because you're so cool, you make me wanna be one, how do you do that?

"Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire, he's the guy, how do I get to be in his club? I want to hang out with him."

13/04/2004 17:59