JUST MARRIED star Ashton Kutcher is stunned by the wrong reaction to his webbed toes - because he grew up thinking that everybody had the same condition.

The Hollywood actor recently caused a stir when he appeared on British MTV show TRL and flashed his unusual toes to the studio audience, and he's yet to understand what the fuss is about.

He says, "I have two toes that are connected, webbed. This made like headline news, people! I showed this in London on a show... They're just a little connected...

"It's actually a good thing I'd showed it because I heard this one little kid, he actually had webbed feet and he thought he was abnormal. And then he heard that I did and it confirmed that he's abnormal. I thought everyone's toes were like that. They can cut it when you're born."

Not to leave his American fans out, Kutcher flashed his toes to Jay Leno and the comedian's chat show studio audience on Wednesday night (20APR05).

22/04/2005 09:09