Movie star and master prankster Ashton Kutcher is attempting to get hold of a videotape and destroy evidence of a practical joke he fell victim to last year (04).

The actor, who created and hosts MTV prank show PUNK'D, was duped by Secret Service agents in his native Iowa while campaigning for the Democrats during the US presidential election.

They convinced him that they'd found a gun in his luggage while it was being screened on the tarmac at a local airport, prompting a concerned Kutcher to insist he knew nothing about the weapon, fearing it had been unlawfully placed with his belongings.

He recalls, "I said, 'Detonate it!' I'm like, 'Go, go ahead! I'm not trying to kill anyone. I promise. I don't want it on the plane either."

Kutcher was left red-faced when the straight-faced security men admitted they were playing a prank on the actor - and there was no gun in his luggage.

He says, "I said, 'That's not even fair! You're like actual Secret Service. You're not an actor. That doesn't count."

The prank was caught on camera by a press member who joined Kutcher for the trip from Iowa to Minnesota, and now the actor is determined to get hold of the footage.

He adds, "I'm trying to confiscate the video tape as we speak."

14/04/2005 09:38