Ashton Kutcher and Carmen Electra proved troublesome for US TV personality Carson Daly last night (14SEP05), when they both attempted to take over his chat show.

Moments into Daly's opening monologue, PUNK'D prankster Kutcher snatched the audience's attention away, when he stepped out from behind the scenes, pretending he was trying to find the way to comedian Jay Leno's chat show.

A stunned Daly asked, "Am I being Punk'd?"

Kutcher then took the interviewer's seat, declaring to the audience, "I am Carson Daly!" before running off.

When Electra stepped out later as a guest, she also turned the tables on Daly, but provoked discomfort when she asked, "Who broke your heart more, Jennifer Love Hewitt or Tara Reid?"

While he refused to answer the question, he did admit that he'd been to TARADISE - which is the name of Reid's new travel show "one time too many".