Ashton Kutcher and comedienne ELLEN DeGENERES attempted to create a world of their own yesterday (22MAR05) - by dwelling in their very own giant bubble.

To mark America's National Bubble Week, DeGeneres invited ninetime GUINNESS WORLD BOOK OF RECORDS holder FAN YANG onto her chat show, which also featured Kutcher as a guest.

Kutcher and DeGeneres then attempted to be encapsulated inside a bubble of their own, created by Yang.

As the two stood with their bodies pressed against each other, DeGeneres poked fun at recent reports that Kutcher's girlfriend Demi Moore is expecting a child by joking, "I think I'm gonna be pregnant next!"

But Yang, who recently broke his own record by putting 18 people inside a giant bubble, failed to lock the pair in a bubble after five attempts.

23/03/2005 09:11