JUST MARRIED star Ashton Kutcher decided to play a prank on THE OC star Benjamin McKenzie after his car was splattered with eggs as he drove away from "cult events" at a Kabbalah centre.

McKenzie's pal's rental car was attacked by a young boy wielding eggs on Kutcher's hit show PUNK'D recently.

When the actor got out of the car to confront the young offender and inform the young boy's father of the incident, he was stunned when the man smash an egg into his boy's head, before asking McKenzie and his pal to do the same thing "as a favour to a father".

And Kutcher explains the prank was dreamed up when he suffered a very similar attack.

He says, "When I was a kid all we did was vandalise stuff and go to school. Whether it was a snowball or throwing eggs, that's how we entertained ourselves.

"The idea for this bit was inspired by a real-life scenario that I experienced. I was heading back from one of my cult events at the Kabbalah Centre. I just got a brand new red string tied on my wrist when suddenly an egg is fired off the side of my car. Therein lied the beautiful idea: Benjamin McKenzie being egged while driving in a car with his friend."

Kutcher, his girlfriend Demi Moore and Madonna are among a host of celebrities who follow the Kabbalah.

26/07/2005 03:32