Ashton Kutcher has upset animal rights activists in America after advocating killing deer.

The PUNK'D star used to hit deer on his way to work when he swept the floor in a warehouse in his native Iowa, and admits the experience was "amazing."

He says, "There are deer all over Iowa. It's out of control. You'd just be driving along and, boom, you hit a deer. I usually stop, call the game warden, get him to tag it, take it home, clean it, put it in the fridge and eat it.

"I've gotten a couple of nice bucks in the car before. I was literally driving 70 down the highway once and hit a deer. That's something, man. If you've never hit a deer before you should try it. It's great. It's amazing.

"I killed about eight the year I lost my license. I drive fast and I hit things."

Enterprising Kutcher even owned three identical Ford Tempos, so he could swap over car parts after killing deer.

He adds, "I'd run into deer and change the grill out. It turned into a multi-coloured Tempo."

The actor's comments haven't gone down too well with animal rights group PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS. Vice president DAN MATHEWS (corr) says, "It sounds like he's just trying to sound exciting, which is sad. If it's true, he should have his license revoked permanently."

13/08/2003 20:54