Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher has lashed out at claims dating Demi Moore has boosted his career.

The Just Married actor, 25, is furious at those who suggest his TV and film successes are due to his relationship with the INDECENT PROPOSAL star, 41.

He says, "Let's just recap for a moment. Before I met her, I managed to figure out how to be on That's 70s Show - a successful sitcom - for five years. I managed to produce and make my own TV show PUNK'D.

"I managed to make a couple of films that did extremely well DUDE, WHERE'S MY CAR? and Just Married which opened at number one in the US box office.

"I already had a pretty good career before I met my current significant other and I think I'll have a pretty good one after. I don't think it's all because of who I'm dating."

14/01/2004 17:14