Ashton Kutcher has been put on the spot by pal Carmen Electra thanks to a little baby talk.

The actor, who is dating Demi Moore, has been dogged by tabloid reports that he's about to become a dad, and his pal wants to know the truth.

But rather than asking him privately, Electra wants to get the truth from Kutcher on live TV.

Appearing on yesterday's (14MAR05) TOTAL REQUEST LIVE on MTV in America, Electra insisted Kutcher answers her question when he appears on the show today (15MAR05).

Electra asked, "Rumour has it that you might be having a baby. If that rumour is true, do you want a girl or a boy and what will you name it?"

Asked to reveal what she knew about the rumour, Electra said, "You know how it is in Hollywood; there's a lot of gossip and I do read the tabloids. You can't always believe everything you read."

Meanwhile, Moore has fired back at published reports she's eight weeks pregnant.

In a statement, her publicist says, "Although having another child is something Demi would like to do, unfortunately she can't at this time say she is pregnant."

15/03/2005 03:13