Ashton Kutcher snubbed Demi Moore when they first met.

The 'Ghost' actress admits she took a shine to her future husband as soon as she saw him at a party in 2003 but claims the actor had his sights set on someone else.

She said: "The first night I met him he didn't have two words to say to me - he had a singular focus and it was on somebody else."

However, Demi - who, at 47, is 15 years Ashton's senior - says her fortunes changed two weeks later after she ended up at a party in Ashton's hotel room.

Demi - who has three daughters, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah, with ex-husband Bruce Willis - says she left the suite to phone her children, which won Ashton over.

She added on US TV show 'Live with Regis and Kelly': "All of a sudden the door to the hotel opened and he said, 'That is the most Beautiful Thing I've ever heard,' and closed the door. And I said, 'OK, this is somebody different.' "

The pair then got to know each other through a series of text messages and Demi believes it provided them with the foundations for a great marriage.

She added: "And now we've been together seven years."

Demi recently revealed how she never thought she could love anyone as much as she loves Ashton.

She said: "My husband is an amazing human being and I'm really almost speechless when I try to describe him. There aren't words to wrap up the amazing gift we've found in each other. I have experienced a love that I truly only imagined. We just fit. He loves me - and the best thing is that he loves me at my most vulnerable, at my most unglamorous and at my least attractive in always, not just physically. I feel wanted."