Ashton Kutcher, the American actor and star of 'Just Married', is reportedly getting a "huge payday" to replace Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men'. Ashton Kutcher is putting the final touches to a multi-million dollar deal that will see him join America's most popular sitcom following the sacking of Sheen earlier this year.
According to the Hollywood Reporter, the deal came together quickly following Hugh Grant's decision to pass on the role. Sources say creator Chuck Lorre has already crafted a storyline to introduce Kutcher's character into the series and one insider said, "It's really funny. People are going to love it". It will be the actor's first regular television role since he starred in Fox's 'That 70's Show', although he produced and often appeared in the MTV hidden camera show 'Punk'd'. Kutcher is remaining silent on the reports, but did recently tell his 6 million twitter follows, "I'm starting to become convinced that people put my name in articles just to improve their Seo or hoping I'll tweet it". Charlie Sheen was fired from 'Two and a Half Men' in early March 2011 following his outspoken tirade against producer Lorre. He has since embarked on a nationwide tour which kicked off in April and released his debut single 'Winning', with Snoop Dogg and Korn's Rob Patterson earlier this week.
Ashton Kutcher recently filmed the forthcoming comedy romance 'New Year's Eve' with Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Biel, but he has no other movie appearances confirmed for 2011.