Ashton Kutcher is preparing for the premiere of the rebooted sitcom Two and a half Men which will air on September 19th.

The 33-year-old actor is replacing Charlie Sheen on the long running show following Sheen's much documented and publicised breakdown which forced CBS and Warner Brothers Television to shut down the show and fire the erratic star. Although Kutcher was more than happy to step into the sitcom world he was wary of the problems that he might face working with a cast that already knew each other intimately, speaking to, he said, "Moving into somebody else's house is a scary thing. Who knew what the dynamic would be and how everybody would feel? I wanted to make sure it was comfortable for everybody else and for myself. And I think we've already found that." Kutcher has initially signed up for just one year; however, the actor is being paid a reported $700,000 per episode which will instantly make him one of the highest paid actors on television.

Kutcher did not intend to have a career in the movies and instead wanted to be biochemical engineer to help cure his brother heart condition. However, he participated in a modelling contest and was signed to a New York model agency; he was soon modelling for Calvin Klein and entered the acting world when he appeared on sitcom That 70s Show. His career began to grow and he later appeared in movies such as The Guardian and Valentine's Day. He is currently filming new movie New Year's Eve which is the story of several couples whose lives intermingle on New Year's Eve.