Ashton Kutcher is subconsciously hoping to extend the life of his hit sitcom Two And A Half Men by purchasing a beach house with co-star Jon Cryer.

The Tv show's 12-year run ends in America on Thursday night (19Feb15) but Kutcher is already making plans to continue his friendship with his castmate in real life.

He explains, "I was looking at this beach house in Carpinteria (California)... but it was pretty expensive and I was thinking about people I could split it with and I actually went to Jon.

"I didn't even realise that I was playing out our television show, because we live in a beach house together... I'm working on it. I haven't found one that he likes yet, but when I find one..."

Meanwhile, Kutcher has posted a tribute to his Tv sidekick on Facebook, thanking him for "making this job never feel like work".

He writes, "I will miss working with you every day. You are a true partner in every sense of the word. In four years I never heard you complain and never heard you speak ill of another person even if they took advantage of your kindness and generosity.

"You are a gentleman. You are a talent. You are someone I look up to."