Ashton Kutcher is convinced a chance hospital meeting with his rabbi helped to speed up his recovery from a pancreas problem as he prepared to portray Steve Jobs onscreen.

The actor, a devout follower of the Jewish offshoot faith Kabbalah, adopted the late Apple co-founder's fruitarian diet in a bid to perfect his role in new biopic Jobs, but the health overhaul caused his insulin levels to spiral out of control and he ended up in serious pain days before the shoot began.

His rabbi also happened to be receiving medical treatment in the same hospital at the time and Kutcher claims his illness quickly cleared up after reciting religious verses with his Jewish leader.

During an appearance on U.S. morning show Live with Kelly and Michael on Friday (09Aug13), he explained, "My rabbi was in the hospital at the exact same time for something and I... woke up and I went and met him and read the Torah with him and I felt better. It was a very bizarre thing and it (the pain) passed."