An advert featuring Ashton Kutcher has been pulled off the air after being accused of featuring racist undertones. The advert, which have been made to sell the product Popchips, sees Kutcher in brown make up portraying a supposed Bollywood producer who goes by the name of Raj, a man who is apparently "looking for love." Pretty apt really, seeing as we all know that Kutcher himself is such an avid explorer for the stuff himself that he'll reportedly keep looking even when he's found it and been married to it for a couple of years.
Anyway, the UK's Independent newspaper reports that the ads were removed after criticism was aimed at them online and as such were removed from Facebook and Youtube. A spokesperson for Popchips said that the characters were merely a parody - Kutcher also appears as a stoner, a tattooed American Southerner and a pasty fashionista - and that they were "created to provoke a few laughs and was never intended to stereotype or offend anyone." She added that the company hopes "people can enjoy this in the spirit it was intended." The other three adverts have remained online.
Kutcher is currently being linked with Mila Kunis, the latest in a string of women he's been rumored to have been involved with since the divorce of his marriage to 49 year-old actress DEMI MOORE.