An advert starring Ashton Kutcher, advertising potato chips, has been removed from YouTube and Facebook after it was deemed to be racist by a number of viewers. The Bbc have reported today that the online advert for potato chips featured the Two and Half Men sitcom star wearing brown makeup and portraying a Bollywood film producer.
A spokesperson for the Popchips snack company has said that the advert was "created to provoke a few laughs and was never intended to stereotype or offend anyone." They added that they had hoped that viewers would be able to "enjoy this in the spirit it was intended." The advert featured Kutcher dressed up as a Bollywood producer, named Raj, who was looking for love. The advert has now been taken offline after complaints were received.
Kutcher has been in the news elsewhere recently, as it is looking likely that he will sign a new contract to receive a staggering $700,000 per episode for Two and Half Men. Ratings for the show are said to have plummeted since Kutcher took over from Charlie Sheen. Regardless of this, CBS are keen to keep him on board, with this lucrative deal. Last month, it was also announced that Kutcher has been lined up to play the role of the Apple founder Steve Jobs in a forthcoming biopic.