Teen actresses ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen are hoping to add their touches to bedrooms around the world, after launching two new furniture sets.

The 18-year-old entrepreneurs are releasing two bedroom furniture sets - City Style and Country Chic. The solid-birch and birch-veneer designs contain a personalised plate and are priced around $700-$800 (GBP368-GBP421), reports MTV.COM.

The twins' representative MICHAEL PAGNOTTA says, "They are intended to last over a lot of years. (The sets) aren't so trendy. (They're) not limiting in terms of age... (but they're) really for children, 'tweens' and teens.

"When (Ashley and Mary-Kate) make these decisions, they always try to keep in mind what the fan would like. It's always an expression of what they think is cool. It is classic-looking on purpose, but it definitely has a lot to do with their own personal sense of style."

Once fans have finished furnishing their rooms, they're being encouraged to send pictures of their boudoirs to the official Olsen twins' website, where they will be posted.

08/04/2005 19:14