Pop singer and HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL star Ashley Tisdale suffered a panic attack onstage in New York on Friday night (14Dec07) after a recent rhinoplasty left her struggling for breath. The pretty blonde was showing off her new nose at the Z100 Jingle Ball - her first public appearance since undergoing the cosmetic procedure in Beverly Hills on 30 November (07). Looking strikingly different, the 22-year-old took to the stage at Madison Square Garden despite a little obvious swelling from the cosmetic surgery. Tisdale reluctantly went under the knife to correct a severely deviated septum. She admits her first post-surgery show did not go as well as she'd hoped, telling People.com, "I was so out of breath, I started hyperventilating. "They were thinking it was a heart attack. The (tour) doctor got me an oxygen tank and I sat outside the stage and breathed in oxygen until I could catch my breath."