Ashley Tisdale's ''girl crush'' is Gigi Hadid.

The 33-year-old singer and actress has said she can't get enough of the gorgeous 23-year-old model, as she says the beauty ''always looks incredible''.

Listing 25 facts people don't know about her for Us Weekly magazine, Ashley said: ''My girl crush is Gigi Hadid. She always looks incredible.''

The 'High School Musical' star also stated that her first jobs were at clothes stores Wet Seal and Abercrombie & Fitch because she ''wanted the employee discount'', and said her first car was a bright yellow Lexus convertible that she bought because she was ''obsessed with [2001's] 'The Fast and the Furious''' and thought the vehicle would make her feel like she ''was in the movie''.

Ashley even admitted she pinched all the costumes her character Sharpay Evans wore in the first 'High School Musical' movie back in 2006.

She said: ''I kept all of Sharpay Evans' outfits from the first 'High School Musical'.''

The 'Voices In My Head' singer released her third studio album 'Symptoms' earlier this month, which deals with her feelings of anxiety and depression, and told Us Weekly that the book 'Attacking Anxiety and Depression' by Lucinda Bassett is what ''helped [her] most'' in overcoming her mental health battle.

She also revealed the advice she gives to her fans, when she said: ''I always tell my fans with anxiety that it's OK and that everyone is suffering from something.''

Ashley then said her personal mantra is ''Do your best'', while she gets the most confidence form having ''worked out and meditated''.

The 'Love Me & Let Me Go' singer confessed her favourite thing to do with husband Christopher French is to ''cuddle up together and watch 'This Is Us' and 'Friends'.''