Ashley Tisdale needs a man who can calm her down.

The 25-year-old actress insists a guy has to be more than just handsome to win her heart and says a potential date's personality is just as important to her.

Ashley - who has been romancing music video director Scott Speer since 2009 - told Seventeen magazine: "In high school, it was all about popularity, being with the boyfriend and all the girls thinking he's cute. Now, I am more into a guy's personality. I like someone I can have fun with and who can be more laid-back than I am, because it calms me down."

The 25-year-old actress - who is currently starring in new college cheerleader drama 'Hellcats' - also has two other conditions any man who wants to date her has to stick to.

She added: "I want to be with someone who wants to work as much as I do and who respects me like I respect him."

To prepare for her role in 'Hellcats', Ashley had cheerleading lessons from her mother Lisa.

The 'High School Musical' star recently said: "I was never a cheerleader but luckily my mom was, and she gave me some great tips. "It was hard but I enjoyed it and it's a great way to keep fit."