Ashley Tisdale doesn't see herself as a sex symbol.

But the 'Scary Movie V' actress loves to have fun with photo-shoots and is comfortable showing off her body.

The 27-year-old star told ''It's really sweet that people think that. I definitely feel like - I'm 27 years old, so for me, my audience has grown with me since 'High School Musical'. I feel like it's definitely time to step out of my comfort zone, I guess.''

The actress, who has previously posed naked, attends Pilates regularly and feels confident about her body.

She said: ''When I get in front of the camera, I'm always pretty comfortable, so I never freak out.

''I just want to have fun. I'm just someone who is like, you've got to go for it.''

Ashley recently posed in a bikini for Maxim magazine and says it was one of her favourite shoots to date even though she was ill at the time.

She explained: ''My mom was actually there on set and she said it was great. What I like about it is it represents who I am. For me, I'm a real big beach person, and I wasn't in lingerie like they usually do. I was in a bathing suit, so I felt like it represented me really well.''

The actress has had a tough time recently and has requested that her temporary restraining order against Nicholas Fiore, who showed up at her house twice and tried to gain access by pretending to be a deliveryman, be extended because she believes he could cause severe bodily harm to her and her boyfriend Christopher French.

In her request for a new order, submitted at Los Angeles' County Superior Court on Tuesday (21.05.13), the blonde beauty said that Nicholas is delusional and dangerous.

A hearing has been set for June 5.