Ashley Roberts' secret to staying in shape is using fitness app Tabata.

The 34-year-old former Pussycat Dolls star used to rely on dancing to keep fit having started the activity from the age of just three.

But nowadays, Ashley - who is working on her shoe collection 'Allyn', which launches in December - likes to mix up her routine and loves using the app which gives instructions for high intensity interval workouts.

Speaking about her fitness secrets in an interview with Now magazine, Ashley said: ''I love using my Tabata app when I travel. I travel so much, it's important to keep up my exercise regime.''

Ashley stands at 5ft 2 inches and is a petite dress size eight and she insists regular classes of hot yoga, boxing circuits, hiking and spinning help her maintain her slender figure.

She said: ''I try to exercise as much as possible. I really enjoy exercise - I always have.''

Although she keeps in great shape, there is one part of her body that Ashley doesn't like and that's her thighs.

The singer said: ''[I struggle to keep] My lower tummy - and keeping my ass toned! If I could change one thing about my body I'd want smaller thighs, but I also think we should be comfortable in our own skin and accept who we are.''

And unable to resist Mexican food, pizza and chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven, not to mention brownies and Oreos dipped in peanut butter, something which Ashley calls ''the best'', the 'Don't Cha' hitmaker, does allow herself calorific indulgences.

She added: ''If I really want it I'll have it. Everything needs to be balanced - diet, exercise and also treats.''