Ashley Roberts has put music on the ''back burner''.

The former Pussycat Dolls singer is still passionate about performance but these days she'd rather focus on her shoe business, Allyn, and wants to see how far she can take the brand.

She said: ''Music has taken a back burner. I love singing, I love dancing, and music will always be a part of my soul but it's not where I'm taking my career right now.

''Social media is interesting and it's allowed an outlet and a vessel for people to be their own person... and I really want to build up my business, build up my brand and be able to work wherever in the world and to say 'yes' or 'no' and whether I really want to do them or not.''

The 36-year-old star also admitted she used to feel ''pressure'' to stay in shape when she was a member of Pussycat Dolls.

She told BANG Showbiz: ''I mean enjoy dancing a lot. But the label did tell us that we need to work out and maintain a fitness regimen outside of our rehearsals. So we had trainers and we go to classes. At times it felt like a bit of pressure. ''

While Ashley is putting her music career on the backburner, it was recently claimed she will be reuniting with her Pussycat Dolls bandmates in 2018.

A source previously said: ''Talk of the girls ­getting back together has been rife for a few years now and they have finally found a time which works for them all.

''They are still deciding whether it will involve a full tour or just a handful of performances but they are excited to be getting out there together again...

''When they parted ways in 2009 it was only intended to be a hiatus, so it feels like the right thing to do.''