The newly-reunited members of boyband O-TOWN were "really hurt" when Ashley Parker Angel refused to sign up for their pop comeback, according to singer ERIK-MICHAEL ESTRADA.
The All Or Nothing hitmakers, who formed on the first season of MTV reality show Making The Band in 2000, announced earlier this week (begs17Jan11) they are reforming as a four-piece, without Parker Angel.
The star, who has gone on to perform on Broadway and land acting roles in TV and film, called the decision "difficult" but "necessary" to move on with his career.
Estrada has now spoken out about the snub, insisting he thought Parker Angel "would want to be a part" of the reunion.
He tells, "He said he's not gonna do it, man. You know, he's doing his own thing. I guess he can't multi-task. He wants to be an actor and you know, that's cool.
"At first we were really hurt by it to be honest with you... We did something real special... We weren't the best group in the world, we weren't 'N Sync or Backstreet Boys, but we had a lot of fun doing what we did and we made a lot of people feel good... There's something to be said about that. The times we're experiencing right now I would just think he'd wanna jump on board and I thought he would want to be a part of that. But he doesn't and that's cool... to each their own. We just want to go on and sing."