Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen want their clothes to be wearable.

The actresses-turned-designers hope their creations are "comfortable" and always think about their customers when they create a range for their collection The Row.

Mary-Kate said: "We think about our customers first. We want to create soft and comfortable collections in every way.

"It's about real life and what people will really wear. Hopefully we're accomplished that."

Ashley believes the focus of the range - which is one of a number of fashion labels run by the twin sisters - should always be about "fabrics", even when they are being sold on the internet.

She told Dazed Digital: "Fabrics have been a main focus from the beginning. We feel it's important for the website and the e-commerce experience to have a tactile quality.

"Sometimes there's a disconnect between how clothes look and feel in person and how they're presenter online."

The 24-year-old beauties have previously revealed their line is inspired by British tailors on Savile Row.

He said: "We wanted to concentrate on tailored pieces. The Row is named after Savile Row and refined minimal luxury is what this is all about. Like the trouser suit and doing the perfect blazer."