Teen queens MARY-KATE and Ashley Olsen do their utmost to steer clear of the rumour-mill surrounding celebrities such as Paris Hilton and LINDSAY LOHAN - likening the stories to playground gossip.

Mary-Kate, whose former beau STAVROS NIARCHOS dumped her for hotel heiress Hilton last year (05), prefers to rise above the fray and maintain her dignity.

The 19-year-old says, "I would actually not consider myself as being part of the crowd, although I am surrounded by it at times.

"It's very much like high school. Whether it's the popular crew or not, it's just that there's some gossip here or somebody's telling a lie over there.

"Ashley and I, we don't get involved in it, I think we just like to listen to it.

"It's OK to hear about it as long as it's not me."