Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen don't want their celebrity status overshadowed their clothing ranges.

The 24-year-old twin siblings - who have been famous since they were babies - have become well-respected in The Fashion industry thanks to their lines The Row, Elizabeth and James and Olsenboye, but have so far shied away from big runway productions because they want the focus to be on their clothes rather than them.

Ashley said: "We did it because we didn't want people to buy the clothes because it's us. We wanted the product to speak for itself.

"We are in such a unique situation. People have been watching us since we were nine months old."

The sisters - who have their own production company Dualstar - say they were inspired to design their own clothes because they felt there was a gap in the marketplace.

Ashley added to WWD: "I felt there was something missing from the marketplace. I was a shopper. I felt that basic luxury was missing. We started it very small, selling only to one store at a time, starting with Barneys New York. It was completely separate from Dualstar."

Mary-Kate added: "I wasn't as big a shopper. But I was horseback riding since I was six years old, so it was all about fit for me."