Teen actress Ashley Olsen had a trouble-free experience picking out her dress for her upcoming high school prom - because she had fashion stylists helping her.

Ashley, 17-year-old twin sister of MARY KATE OLSEN, is looking forward to attending her high school prom in California before heading off to the prestigious NEW YORK UNIVERSITY - mainly because she doesn't have to worry about what she's going to wear.

She says, "The best part about prom is deciding what to wear. That's where the fun is! I found my winter formal dress yesterday. It's just a simple, strappy green dress.

"I asked the fashion stylists we work with for help. If they saw anything I might like, they just picked it up, but I chose the dress.

"I have a relaxed attitude toward prom - it isn't such a huge deal to me (because) I've gone for four years now. I don't know if my boyfriend will be in town that weekend, but I do know that I'm going with my best friends - and sometimes that's more fun."

30/03/2004 09:46