A New York restaurateur has slammed acting twins MARY-KATE and Ashley Olsen after their bodyguard tried to barge him out of the way in his own eaterie.

The FULL HOUSE stars were eating with friends at New York's packed SERAFINA on Valentine's Day (14FEB04) when the incident occurred.

According to Serafina co-owner FABIO GRANATO the Olsen minder became agitated after Granato refused to move out of the way to accommodate the party.

Granato says, "I was at the podium near the entrance speaking to my manager when this big guy starts saying, 'You guys move to the other side.'

"I said, 'You move, I'm working here.' He says, 'Who are you?' And I said, 'Get away.'"

Granato says that, after being pushed by the bodyguard, one of Serafina's own security escorted the man to the door, reports website PAGE SIX.

Granato adds, "The other guy had to keep an eye on them from outside the restaurant."

22/02/2004 10:30