Millionaire acting twins MARY-KATE and Ashley Olsen made up for missing their senior prom in favour of hosting Saturday Night Live by holding their own celebration on the hit comedy show.

The 17-year-old twins will be leaving their home in California to go to university in New York in the autumn (04), but rather than bid farewell to their classmates in the traditional way on Saturday (15MAY04), they opted to spend the big night performing comedy sketches in front of TV cameras.

After introducing the American show, the stars were dressed up in prom dresses and 'driven' to their party in a cardboard limousine with their dates Jimmy Fallon and Will Forte.

But the fun quickly came to an end when show regular Maya Rudolph's drunk teen character vomited all over ashley's dress.

The pair also played an unattractive woman getting a makeover on new reality show THE SWAN, members of the paparazzi, '70s schoolgirls and birds in an advertisement for a backpack store.

At the end of the show, Mary-Kate jokingly referred to her and her sister's 13 June (04) 18th birthday by announcing, "Remember, we're legal in four weeks!"

17/05/2004 13:49