Twin actresses MARY-KATE and Ashley Olsen have hit out at reports they're battling eating disorders and drug and drink problems.

Every aspect of the teen beauties' lives has recently been scrutinised under the media spotlight, including their love of partying and their svelte frames.

But they're now speaking out to clear up the speculation.

Mary-Kate tells PEOPLE magazine, "We are (almost) 18 years old. We do hang around people who drink."

Ashley adds, "Listen, we're not perfect. I'm not saying that we drink. I'm not saying that we don't drink. All I'm saying is we're making the right decisions for us."

Mary-Kate continues, "Being in the public eye, you're labelled that if you have an eating disorder, you have a drug addiction.

"If I had a drug addiction, I would be in a thingy - like PROMISES, the Malibu (rehabilitation) place. You don't see me there. So, like, come on. It's crazy."

Ashley adds they'll never be talking to the press about their sex lives: "It's personal, and I hope everyone's making the right decisions for themselves."

Mary-Kate adds, "Those articles are sold where our fans shop. Do you know how much responsibility that puts me on for something I didn't do?"

23/04/2004 13:27