Teenage actresses MARY-KATE and Ashley Olsen will never fall into the usual traps of child stars - because they're far too "conservative".

The 17-year-old twins, massive stars in their native America, are worth tens of millions of dollars, but have never dabbled in the Hollywood party lifestyle, preferring to behave like normal girls their age.

Their manager Robert Thorne insists, "When people ask about sex and drugs and rock'n'roll, I say, 'You just don't know the girls.'

"They are very conservative. They go to the shopping mall and have sleepover parties.

"They are not the kind of children who end up robbing convenience stores - they are the kind of children who can buy a chain of convenience stores."

And Mary-Kate, who's younger by just two minutes, agrees, "Just the idea of us alone in a nightclub is terrifying! We are too young for that kind of stuff."

11/09/2003 02:04