Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen started The Row because they wanted a project which was just theirs.

The twin sisters - who shot to fame when they were just nine months old after starring in TV show 'Full House' - decided to create their own fashion line as it's something they were passionate about but didn't want anyone else interfering.

They told WSJ magazine: ''We had never not worked before. So it was a little bit of a trip. This was more of a test to see how we might create something on our own, without any outside influence - not as a business, but as a passion project to see where it could go. We started one client, one boutique at a time.''

The stylish siblings - who also have lines Elizabeth and James and Olsenboye - say they have built up a loyal customer base over the years and they know they will always buy their clothes.

They said: ''Our true customers, the ones who understand the brand, always come to us when they have events.''