Ashley Judd is impressed with her race ace husband Dario Franchitti's anti-drink driving stance - he never gets in a car if he's had any alcohol.

The Double Jeopardy actress admits her Scottish husband drives everywhere because he loves being behind the wheel - but he refuses to drive if he knows he'll be drinking.

And she thinks all Americans could learn from Franchitti's strict rules.

She says, "In America, we aren't as serious as we should be about drinking and driving. Obviously people know not to do it, but in Scotland people are so cautious they don't even drive the day after they've had something to drink.

"So, if we're going to go out to dinner and he wants to have a cocktail we have to organise somebody to drive because he's really a very straight kid.

"He always wants to drive, so he doesn't drink very much when we go out for dinner."

In fact drink driving has gone up in Scotland by three per cent since last year (03), according to Scottish police figures.

30/07/2004 09:36