Hollywood actress Ashley Judd religiously tunes into a sex talk show hosted by a veteran Canadian nurse.

The De-lovely beauty admits she gets great pleasure from watching TALK SEX WITH SUE JOHANSON, and she's thoroughly impressed with the candid manner in which the host deals with a range of subjects, from anal sex to zygotes.

Judd says, "She's fantastic! Sue Johanson is a nurse. She's in her 60s, she has a tight perm, she's very practical. She gets on that show and... she talks about medically accurate sex education and then she also does a little love advice and stuff like that mixed in with it.

"She's always encouraging women to empower themselves with their sexuality... I believe that we are made by God, we have the gift of self-knowledge given to us by God, what's the problem? It's your body. We all have a right to be here, we all have a right to experience pleasure."

And as well as getting entertainment from watching Johanson play with vibrators, she's also enjoyed good sexual benefits at home with her husband Dario Franchitti.

She admits, "Dario located my G spot! I called my sister and I go, 'What was that?' And she goes, 'That's your sweet spot!'"

22/10/2004 02:14