Actress Ashley Judd was celebrating this weekend (27May07) after her racecar driver husband Dario Franchitti won the Indianapolis 500, earning himself a massive $1.6 million (GBP800,000). The Double Jeopardy star cheered on her spouse on Sunday as he raced to the finish line at the event in Indiana, which had to be cut short by 85 miles (136.79 kilometers) because of heavy rain. Drivers normally race for 500 miles (804.67 kilometers). Franchitti, Judd's husband of five years, took pole position after the two leading drivers were forced to make a pit stop. Speaking of his win, Franchitti says, "It was going to come down to a dogfight, and there's a lot of strong cars. Whatever happened, if it came down to that dogfight, it was going to be hard, so I was hoping for the rain. "I can hardly believe it. Who would have thought it?"