LATEST: Filming harrowing AIDS documentary TRACKING THE MONSTER in Africa has prompted India.ARIE and Ashley Judd to do everything they can to help the continent battle the disease.

The film, which was shot earlier this year (05), left both women intensely moved by what they witnessed. In one scene, actress Judd is brought to tears when she witnesses the squalor street prostitutes live in while selling mainly unprotected sex in Madagascar.

She says, "I thought I couldn't be shocked any more. I can be moved, I can be distressed but I can't be shocked; I've seen it all. Bullc**p."

Meanwhile, R+B singer India.Arie was personally invited by former South African leader Nelson Mandela to visit Kenya's AIDS shelters and orphanages, where she met people living with the disease.

Of the trip, the singer says, "I have changed in a more profound way than I even thought possible."

She was particularly moved when she spent time with AIDS sufferer IMMACULATE, who was diagnosed HIV-positive in February (05) and needs constant treatment for sores which build up on her face and in her mouth.

India.Arie says, "I could name off 50 adjectives... I was way taken aback. That was a lot to see and I felt like that moment was why I travelled for 24 hours to get to Kenya - to see that.

"Not only is she HIV-positive and I've never been that close to a person that sick, but we're the same age."