Actress Ashley Judd's racing driver husband Dario Franchitti refuses to blame his IndyCar rival for the accident that almost ended his life on Sunday (05Aug07), insisting it was just a "misjudgment". Franchitti's car went airborn at Michigan International Speedway after it was hit from behind by Dan Wheldon, but, after somersaulting twice back through the field and smashing up on the track, the Scottish driver was left with nothing but cuts and bruises. Franchitti says, "This accident, I think, was caused by... the car next to me moving up the track into the back of my car. "I think it was a misjudgment by Dan Wheldon; I don't believe he did it on purpose, far from it." As well as feeling lucky to be able to walk away from the worst crash of his 24-year racing career, Franchitti admits he's thankful his actress wife didn't see it as it happened. He adds, "She was watching the race at home and she'd gone outside to actually fill the bird feeder up and she came back in and saw that I was getting out of the car, which was in pieces. "Then they showed the replay, so she got to see the replay knowing that I was OK, so I'm really thankful for that."