Bollywood star SUSHMITA SEN was left stunned when Hollywood actress Ashley Judd lavished praise on her charity work with India's sex workers. The Double Jeopardy star joined Sen on a recent tour promoting sexual health among impoverished workers in India's brothels - and was impressed by the star's tireless AIDS and HIV awareness campaigning. Judd said of Sen: "She has that remarkable self-belief, answers to the enigmatic questions I don't dare touch on, stuff about being a woman in this world and other things that leave me tongue-tied. She was focused, clear-eyed, intent, attentive, dazzling." And the Bollywood star is still overwhelmed by the compliment. She says, "I'm floating in thin air. This was the first time that I interacted with an organisation that works so closely with sex workers. Ashley has been working with them for five years. I'm a newly converted novice in front of her."